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Why Choose Us


We have proven records of accomplishment in Palestine and the Middle East region which mirror our reputable as a multi-disciplinary and innovative Palestinian consultancy firm. Our work is characterized by the highest standards of engineering and design, a reputation for innovation and results that stand the test of time.


The honesty and devotion are the only policy in our consulting engineering services provider which gives clients optimal lead in design, planning, management and sustainable solutions.


We have the capability for which we stand out in the national level by committing ourselves to complete all assignments within the timeline set with our clients. all our projects are done with utmost professionalism using the best of technology and tools to ensure that all tasks are done professional manner .

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Who We Are ?

TECC is a multi-disciplinary and innovative Palestinian consultancy firm with excessive experience years in Palestine and the Middle East region. TECC is founded in 1991 to deliver professional design and management engineering consultancy services. Our work is characterized by the highest standards of engineering and design, a reputation of innovation and results that stand the test of time. TECC is familiar with specific issues related to different projects, feasibility studies, master planning tender documents, the environmental studies,  master plans, projects assessment, READ MORE

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Clients / Partners

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